Price List

Serving and Decorative Line

Large Serving Bowl $98
Small Serving Bowl $52
Water Pitcher $88
Large Pitcher $98
Large Vase $98
Standard Vase $78
Open Vase $88
Urn $98
Large Platter
(~13” diameter)
Standard Platter
(~11-12” diameter)
with side handle
with over-the-top handle
Pie Plate $88
Watering Can
with extended spout
Bedside Lamp $125
Larger Table Lamp
with harp

Assorted smaller pieces

Creamer $28
Sugar Jar $32
Soup Bowls $36
Small Mugs $26
Medium Mugs $36
Large Mugs $46
Bud Vase $36

Glaze are changing with my new kiln firing process

Translucent Blue with Black in designs
Rutile Blue (somewhat opalescent)
Green with Cream (showy over the thick slip)
Brown with iron oxide accents


Shipping costs are additional. Please inquire when placing order.