2021 Virginia Clay Festival is in-person on September 18th and 19th!

Come to Stanardsville, Virginia for the 2021 Virginia Clay Festival and see and hold (!) pottery by fabulous Virginia potters. Plan to make time for some wheel throwing and hand building demonstrations which are on both Saturday and Sunday. Since I have been making pots throughout the Pandemic, I have lots of work to show and share. I will be demonstrating “Tackling Teapots” on Saturday at 3pm. See the schedule and other details about the weekend at Below are pics of some of the pottery that came out of my July kiln firing.

Virtual 26th Annual Artisans Studio Tour Starts Nov. 14th

As a collection of working artisans, we are delighted to bring to you the 2020 Artisans Studio Tour in a virtual format. Please go to and visit each participating artisan. You will find video tours of various studios, videos of process demonstrations, as well as links to online stores. We have all been working hard to bring new work to you for this season! Enjoy!!

Afternoon sun highlights Fall colors on the Ragged Mountain Reservoir trail.
Series with Chuck’s teal blue/green glaze from October kiln.
My traditional carved dancing people in blue glaze with black glaze in design.

Spring 2020

Early June 2020 Kiln Opening

One good thing about the lockdown is that I have been able to continue making pots. I fired 2 kilns in June which has resulted in lots of new pots for the open market.

Sorting pots in the sunshine

There are many surprises in slowing down. Due to the lockdown this spring, I realize how full my days have been with teaching and other obligations and have found satisfaction in stepping back to reflect and devote concentrated energy on solitary tasks in the studio, kitchen and sewing room.

On a roll with teapots
Shaner red (brown/amber) series. Some chatter decoration; some tree motif.

In the studio, I’ve given myself over to making whatever I want, apart from market considerations. I’ve added components: trays for cream and sugar sets; plates to go with berry bowls. I’ve explored vertical carving on vases & lamps; winter tree designs on mugs and vases; branches on platters; and complicated attachments on teapots. Basically, I’ve enjoyed more time in the studio for play and less worry over producing for a market. It has been freeing and has allowed me to consider new directions and to reconsider old habits.

25th Annual Studio Tour

Despite the drought, we are getting beautiful color in the trees.

Please join me at Mud Dauber Pottery this weekend, November 9 and 10, from 10am to 5pm. You will see the latest of my current work: more trees, lots of lamps and mugs, in addition to assorted serving bowls, pitchers and vases. For our 25th anniversary, the Studio Tour has 46 artisans showing and selling in 25 studios around and in Charlottesville. All studios will have tasty food to help you along your way. Plan on visiting a few studios or many studios, as you are able. See for details, maps, directions and beautiful images.

Pots freshly pulled from November 2019 kiln
More pots from November 2019 kiln

Virginia Clay Festival 2019

Summer Kiln front section
Summer Kiln back section

I will be showing my latest work this weekend, Sept 21 and 22 at the William Monroe school campus in Stanardsville, Virginia. Potters will be demonstrating hand building and throwing techniques all weekend. I will be throwing bowls at 3pm Sunday. Come when and if you can. It is lots of fun for all, including the excitement of Raku firing both days and a children’s clay play area.

Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival May 11-12, 2019

Kiln opening April 22,2019 front

kiln Apri 22, 2019 top front

kiln opening back april 22, 2019

kiln opening April 22, 2019 top back

Come visit me at Crozet. I will have lots of new work showing the results of experimentation and play over the last several months. I have been exploring thick slip application, translucent glazes to best highlight my carving, and some new design motifs.

24th Annual Studio Tour

Pottery from November 4th kiln opening.

Please join me at Mud Dauber Pottery for the upcoming 24th Annual Artisans Studio Tour on November 10 and 11. Pottery from my latest kiln firings will be featured. See for directions and details about ours and other studios! We will be serving cookies and other sustaining foods to keep you strong for your journey.

Some changes, but some the same

I’m still carving the surfaces with dancing people and trees, but have added houses as a reminder that each of us needs a home. I’m also playing with thick slip applications as a softer surface. I’m endeavoring to simplify my process in general and to focus on the parts of the making that I enjoy and that motivate me to continue in this unwieldy business of art-making.

I’m grateful for my customers who encourage me to carry on. Apart from the mysteries of clay, glass formers, and fire, it is all about you!

latest pots with thick slip on surface

Change of kilns

Top tier, new pots, mostly mine

early tests in Nan’s gas kiln

After 20 years of making and selling pots through Mud Dauber Pottery in Earlysville, VA, I have made major changes. As if January 1, 2018, I joined Nan Rothwell to fire in her new gas kiln in Charlottesville. I’ve switched clay twice already and am starting with a third—all higher fire stoneware (cone 10). It is a new day indeed!

My forms and designs are unchanged. I’m still making functional stoneware. But due to the change in kiln atmosphere allowed by gas firing and higher heat, the look is very different. I’m growing and learning and appreciating the happy accidents that keep me coming back to my wheel and that stretch my creative energy!