Virginia Clay Festival in Stanardsville

The 1st Annual Virginia Clay Festival in late September was a great success. Participants were all clay artists. Handbuilding and wheel throwing demonstrations by participating crafters went on all day, both days. The live demonstrations made the show more interesting for the artisans as well as for the attendees. If you missed it, I recommend it for next year!

Holiday season 2013

There are two new galleries in Charlottesville that are selling my work. If you have an opportunity, I recommend you stop by The Artisans Market in the North Wing of Barracks Road shopping center. They have a nice collection of local handcraft in addition to other items. Likewise, on the downtown mall in Charlottesville, look for Chroma Projects Art Laboratory ( Along with the great representation of 2-dimentional art, there is a room devoted to the potters of City Clay. You will find a few of my pieces in the mix.

New Clay

The latest development in my line of pottery is a new clay. I’ve switched to a white stoneware that brightens and smoothes the glaze surface. My new work is on display and available for purchase at Mud Dauber Pottery in Earlysville, Va; Vivian’s Art to Wear Art for Living in Charlottesville, Va; and City Clay on Main Street in Charlottesville.

Fall update

Here are some recent pictures of my work. You will see some of my family members who help me at shows!

Here is an array of pottery in my booth for the Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival.

Paul laughs on a glorious day. Recent bowls, etc. in the foreground.

Pitcher and vases on the porch enjoying some sunshine.

Hannah, Talia and Leah consult on strategies for finding tadpoles.

Welcome to The Pottery Shelf

Dear Friends,
I’m so pleased to have a website and also a way to communicate with you through this blog. I will be posting current images of my pottery so that you can keep up with my new work. The kiln is presently cooling and will be unloaded tomorrow. It is always exciting to open a new kiln of fresh and warm pots! I was looking over some older images of my work and noticing subtle and not-so-subtle changes. I don’t feel that growth day-to-day, but it is certainly noticeable to me over time.

I hope that you will enjoy seeing my work as it goes through the natural progressions that the creative path takes me.