Summertime berry bowls, bottle vases, tea bowls, etc.

Iron red bottle vases plus tree vases and a berry bowl
Creamy white glaze with oversprays of green and blue glazes

My latest kiln contained a series of berry bowls that I made through berry season alongside hikes on trails laden with wild wine berries (in the raspberry family). Walking in the woods in springtime and summer inspires various forms for the potter! The tiny wildflowers which seem to bloom in sequence by color—yellows, whites, purples, etc, sent me to my wheel to throw small vases. Hence, you will find in my online store and elsewhere a collection of berry bowls and bottle vases. Next, I’m thinking about larger bottle vases and serving bowls that have rims that turn inward. I’m imagining a visible surface that invites carving and other decorations. We will see what flows from these fingers next!