Spring 2020

Early June 2020 Kiln Opening

One good thing about the lockdown is that I have been able to continue making pots. I fired 2 kilns in June which has resulted in lots of new pots for the open market.

Sorting pots in the sunshine

There are many surprises in slowing down. Due to the lockdown this spring, I realize how full my days have been with teaching and other obligations and have found satisfaction in stepping back to reflect and devote concentrated energy on solitary tasks in the studio, kitchen and sewing room.

On a roll with teapots
Shaner red (brown/amber) series. Some chatter decoration; some tree motif.

In the studio, I’ve given myself over to making whatever I want, apart from market considerations. I’ve added components: trays for cream and sugar sets; plates to go with berry bowls. I’ve explored vertical carving on vases & lamps; winter tree designs on mugs and vases; branches on platters; and complicated attachments on teapots. Basically, I’ve enjoyed more time in the studio for play and less worry over producing for a market. It has been freeing and has allowed me to consider new directions and to reconsider old habits.